Xmas Kiss by Rosa Mojo – On Guardian Witness

Hola Beastlings,

Just discovered in time for this christmas that my video ‘Xmas Kiss’ has been on The Guardian’s Media YouTube Channel since last year! Proof I live in Faerie Dreamtime. This year in my xmas stocking I want something a little more rocking! Enjoy and jingle those balls! x

Gig News: Rosa Mojo @ The Gunners, Highbury, Friday Nov 14th

Hola Beastlings,

Gunners Flyer

Next Rosa Mojo gig is at The Gunners on Friday Nov 14th! Come join me she devilling my mojo in alongside some fellow queer and as yet undentifiable urchins including Faggot, Squid & The Krakens, Lingster Sangster & Wild. Promises to be a contrarily raucous night of Punk & Folk hosted by the enigmatic Maria Kinsella! Come from 7.00pm!


She Devil Possession



‘For My Sins’ – Acoustic Video Filmed in Kent

I filmed this acoustic version of ‘For my Sins’ in some magical faerie tale woods in Kent, Aug 2014. Dedicated to my bestie Velda Lauder who passed over a year ago and will be included on the ‘All The She Devils’ Album. I had a dream while in Ham Green Cottage that there was a garden and in it were decapitated crow heads. There were also mother crows birthing their babies in silver weblike triangles. I walked carefully over the green trying to avoid stepping on the deceased ones and asked one of the live crows if they could fly somewhere more safer but he said they needed to stay for the time being. I looked up and saw Velda with long blue curly hair teleporting back and forth. She then began balancing on low earthbound stars to try and hug me but we both couldn’t reach other.
I looked in my hands and in a silvery web nest was a baby crow waiting for me to mother it…

For My Sins

Filmed in a fairy tale woods in Kent in August 2014. For my best friend Velda Lauder who passed away 2013 ❤️

Rosa Mojo



Touched (Video) Rosa Mojo

Hope you enjoy my new video ‘Touched’…I’m touched by the flesh that seals my bones and keeps my insides open….

Filmed in Brighton 2014

Written and Produced by Rosa Mojo

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‘Under The Skin’ Interview including Live Exclusive Performances of ‘She Devils’ and ‘The Whore is Golden’

Hola Beastlings,

Here are 2 episodes of my interview for ‘Under The Skin‘* by the delightful Gozra & Nanois featuring 2 exclusive performances of ‘She Devils‘ and ‘The Whore is Golden‘!

Rock ‘em!

Next Gig is June 2014 at The Islington (Date TBC). Howl’s and Licks!

Rosa x

Under The Skin‘ is an exciting new alternative online show presented by the vibrant and beautifully ecclectic Gozra and Nanois whose guests have included Joseph Harwood, Dusty O and the Phenomenal Bishi.

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Hair & Makeup by Jane Crowhurst, follow her @retrocrowoman