Something Wicked This Way Comes…

All The She Devils‘ New ‘Rosa Mojo‘ Album Promo
“Be careful what you wish for there are rebels listening…”

Written By Rosa Mojo 2015
Produced By The Austwicks
Vid Promo By Simzone

Rosa Mojo brings the Gris Gris @ Bar Wotever

Hola Beastlings,

A crazy beautiful ju-ju of a time was had at my Bar Wotever gig on the 2nd June 2015. Hosted by Ingo Cando and also starring poet genius Candy Royalle I readily returned to perform at one my favourite old listed buildings The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.  I packed my guitar, my skeleton stockings, stashed the roses & pearls and brought the gris gris to a night where it was full moon madness from the start! To my surprise I also got my period half an hour before my set. I had thought the moistness in my pants was #rocknroll excitment not blood but I chose to embrace the flow and pain which gloriously added to the potent  ‘she devil‘ magic in the air…

Gig Vauxhall  The lunar fueled and beying audience was full of insane beauties consisting of  fellow muso’s, artists, queers, mermaids (seriously), faeries (I shit u not) and gorgeous ‘others’ ALL hellbent on having a riot of a time. As soon as I walked in the venue it felt like I was wrapped in its red velvet womb while tall solid pillars curiously both framed and eluded centre stage. I imagined Kate Bush up there seducing me with the lyrics from ‘Wow‘… “We’re all alone on the stage tonight …”. So I joined her, after all, it would be rude not to. The blood painted pillars appeared like erect yang filled phalluses  celebrating the creatrix yin at its centre. Together they invited the performer to rock out and parade as both Mother Goddess King & Queen. But I digress. In short. The whole vibe complimented my New Orleans/Rock N Roll /PopNoir/Dark Romantic/Punk vibe perfectly! It was as if we’d all been transported back in time where music and art was widely exciting, authentic, rebellious and unpredictable. Well, the legendary Charlie Chaplin had performed on this very same stage after all…

11401163_10152780144345933_7059433033780116708_n   Once onstage, to my delight, I felt like I was exploding from an oyster into open mouths greedily waiting to be satisfied. I suffer from a chronic illness and dissociation so everytime I’m about to perform my nerves are turned up to the max. Like most musicians I stress that I will forget my words, guitar chords, mind lol, but on top of that, I fear I might literally fall down from dizziness, fatigue or a panic attack. Yet, touch wooden balls of fire, this has never happened. Instead I seem to be mastered by an unseen magical raw energy that repeatedly overrides my physical and mental abnormalities. When I tell my friends after gigs that I thought I was going to fall overm faint or spontaneously combust, they kindly reassure me and tell me I’m a natural. Performing does comes naturally to me, it is just tough work in a sick body and crazy mind, but I embrace it regardless, I’m like a black swan, all the work is going on under the surface to keep me afloat.

1907534_10152780129620933_3922588054682660148_n I know other musicians like myself have health worries, disabilities and just get on with it because music is passion in whichever way you experience it. And I guess suffering has its own rewards especially if you are an artist prone to black comedy and melodrama. So I channel my muses and the mojo gets me through, pretty much in the same way I come alive in forests or when my legs and arse are delicately whipped by the sea! I performed tracks from my album ‘Sex, Tea & Rock N Roll’ NOW on iTunes here – ‘Girl On A Motorcycle’, ‘Broken Record’, ‘Sex it Rocks‘ AND I was delighted to showcase a few new songs from the forthcoming album ‘All The She Devils‘ by channelling voodoo queen ‘Marie Laveau’ and wicked sirens from my new song ‘Skulduggery’

More news coming verily soon including a gorgeous mini vid for the ‘She DEvils‘ album by Simone Austwick of band 111 who also captured these magic pix from the night, lush devilish artwork from David Thorn, and I shall be unveiling a beautifully gothic portrait by Soirai Nicholson

Bringing you Pearls & Roses!

Rosa Mojo x

New Rosa Mojo Album out on iTunes and the Ace Photography of ‘Gozra Lozano’

Hola Beastlings!

My new album ‘Sex Tea & Rock N Roll‘ is out NOW on iTunes & amazon. Thankyou MUCHO for those who have already bought it and the amazing spport I have received as an independant artist from other artists and music lovers! The album’s songs are produced by Andy Whitmore (‘Hardline according to Terence Trent Darby’), Howie & Simone Austwick, Lewis Andrews and Keefe, all of which put their blood and souls on guitars, bass, drums, keys including myself on rythmn guitar. Full listings will appear on hard copies and here soon. Also check some of my original acoustics on YouTube

I was delighted to be shot by the phenomenal photographer Gozra Lozano! Check out his other gorgeous work on featuring artists such as Victoria Cordoba Lima, Ewa wilczynski, Marc Almond, Boy George & Sioxsie Sioux (Swoon) I am indeed humbled…

I’ve had a lot of reuqests for CD’s, Vinyl and merch etc so I am saddling up and currently lassooing some for you. All shall be previewed at a special CD launch gig (Venue/Date to be confirmed) so keep your electric eyes on me babes here on Instagram!

Licks & Howls!

Rosa Mojo


Gozra Lozano Photography

‘Sex, Tea & Rock N Roll’ – Rosa Mojo – New Album Released on Valentines 2015!

Dearest Beastlings! The debut Rosa Mojo album ‘Sex, Tea & Rock N Roll will be released on iTunes this coming Valentine’s Feb 14th 2015 featuring some seriously melodramatic rock pop noir tunage and spanking new tracks ‘Broken Record‘ and ‘MediEVIL Love Song‘! Big Thanks to all producers and muso’s that took part including Howie & Simone Austwick, Andy Whitmore, Alex Hromcovs and Lewis Andrews. Plus 2 superb portraits by the phenomenal photographer and artist Gozra Lozano will also be unveiled!

Xmas Kiss by Rosa Mojo – On Guardian Witness

Hola Beastlings,

Just discovered in time for this christmas that my video ‘Xmas Kiss’ has been on The Guardian’s Media YouTube Channel since last year! Proof I live in Faerie Dreamtime. This year in my xmas stocking I want something a little more rocking! Enjoy and jingle those balls! x